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The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) Computer Based Test (CBT) is a test to ascertain your knowledge and competence in nursing before the council can register you to practise in the UK.

NMC CBT is an easy exam for any nurse who understands the fundamentals of nursing. Nonetheless, it is very important to prepare because aspects of the test focus on the UK way of doing things.

The test contains 120 questions that are centered on five themes: proffesional values, communication and interpersonal skills, nursing practise and decision making, leadership, management and team working and specific competencies for the field you intend to work in, for instance adult nursing, paediatrics, etc.

The first four themes can be done by reasoning alone. I relate them to those CRE questions that used to test your morality and judgement like: "You have picked a 20 pound note, what would you do?" and some of the choices would be something like; report to the nearest police station, keep the money or take it to the teacher. An example of a CBT question here is; "The worst advice you can give a student nurse with regards to the use of social networking sites like Facebook?"

The competence questions however require reading and revision. They entail questions like:

"What do you expect patients with COPD to manifest? What advice do you need to give to a patient taking Allopurinol? Patient is post op liver biopsy, which is a sign of serious complication?" All these are questions that require sufficient knowledge in anatomy, physiology and pharmacology.

Revision material for CBT are readily available online but some recruitment agencies like KenyanNurse will also guide you with the exam.

The beauty of this test is that it consist entirely of mutiple choice questions, therefore, even guessing goes a long way. Also, it's four hours long, allowing you enough time to think and reason your answers. Finally, the test is available on a weekly basis with your results just a few hours later, a flexibility that easens planning.

Once you pass CBT and IELTS your employer can then organize a certificate of sponsorship for VISA application.

And just like that, you are one step closer to Daring Abroad.

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3 comentários

03 de jul. de 2020

Thankyou for you guidance and encouragement


02 de jul. de 2020

Great read as always!! Allow me to correct a tiny bit of information though. In the new system, you cannot do CBT without Authorization to test (ATT).


02 de jul. de 2020

I always love what you are feeding us with. Be blessed.

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