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COVID 19 Vs. 5G and others

Like other pandemics, COVID 19 has attracted a whole lot of conspiracy theories. I myself was greatly skeptical about the severity of COVID 19 despite being a front line worker. In fact, I believed governments were overreacting. Maybe my perception was skewed because the UK infections started when I was on leave. As such, I was not in touch with things on the ground. But having resumed work four weeks ago and being in contact with positive patients, it did hit home. Nonetheless, some of the conspiracies are near convincing.

Top of the list is the introduction 5G. I've been wondering why we even need 5G because 4G is like already fast enough. But I'm told we are headed to an automated world. Automated home appliances. Self-driving cars. Ultra fast connection between millions of device. All which necessitate very fast connection. The argument is that Wuhan was among the first places to try out 5G and countries like Spain and Italy, that have seen the worst of this pandemic have rolled it out. Coincidence? Some say the symptoms are as an effect of the radiation, so "they" had to create a virus to blind the public. This argument could also be used to explain why places like Russia and Africa have fewer morbidity and mortality.

The other popular theories are that the virus was created in a lab, probably a bioweapon. Similarly, it was created by pharmaceutical and large corporations to reorganize the global economy. Both make sense in the sense that global and local trade have come to a standstill. Some economist have predicted a recession greater than The Great Depression. And in the aftermath, some companies and economies will flourish, creating the new order. Finally, for the Christian, this is the book of Revelation in play. A sign of end times.

Its unfortunate that these theories have prevented some people from taking the safety measures. Whether it was created in the lab or not, no one wants to have this disease. The pain of breathing, constant coughing and fear of the unknown is not only physical but psychic torture. In the worst cases, patients end up intubated and dying. And through all this, your relatives and friends cannot be with you. So while we speculate on why this is happening, we should also adhere to protocols rolled out by our governments. Our health is in our hand. Literally.

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