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7 Inspirational Nurses to Follow on Social Media (Kenyan Edition)

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Social media, the curse and blessing of our generation.

While social media has been associated with adverse outcomes like addiction and conditions like depression, if used appropriately, it can facilitate growth.

As I premiere this category, I would like to share some of the nurses I follow on social media who have changed my perspective on both nursing and life. A Game changer simply shifts your way of thinking. The people on this list have that impact on me everyday.

In no particular order.

Tonny Brian Muthee

If Tonny does not represent nursing excellence, I don't know what does. A graduate of University of Nairobi, a Rhodes Scholar and currently working at the World Bank, he represent pushing the boundaries, bringing your seat to the table and making sure you are heard. Tonny's posts are factual and often evidenced based. If you are looking for someone to challenge you or just someone to look up to I recommend that you follow Tonny on both LinkedIn and Facebook.

Cardiac Cate

Cardiac Cate is the brains behind Elevate Nursing, a brand which embodies academic and clinical excellence in nursing. The site offers a host of learning resources for nurses from NCK licensure exams preparation material to book reviews to management of different medical conditions. ElevateNursing is mostly active on Instagram and Youtube. Looking for a good book to read on health, follow Elevate Nursing. Heard of Dressler's syndrome? No? I thought so. For this and this alone, follow elevate nursing. Guess what, there is a podcast too.

Paul Simiyu

Any Kenyan nurse who doesn't know Paul Simiyu is probably living under a rock. Paul breathes, eats and dreams nursing. He is the founder of KenyanNurse, an international staffing agency for nurses by nurses. Paul represents the modern day nurse entrepreneur. He has identified gaps in nursing employment and empowerment and is constantly coming up with innovative solutions to fulfill these gaps. If you are hoping to secure a job as a nurse abroad as early as when you are still a nursing student, Paul is your plug. Follow him on Facebook.

Cynthia Mutisya

We shouldn't have favorites, but oh well. Cynthia is a walking embodiment of female and nurse empowerment. She has done several projects around leadership and nursing; NursingNow campaigns, Kenya Student and Novice Nurses Association, Emerging Leaders Foundation, the list is long. Her YouTube channel is refreshing and chic. She also loves adventure and travel, a good reminder of play even when working. If you want to be part of this beautiful tribe follow her on Facebook and subscribe to her YouTube channel. Go, Nurse Tribe.

Winnie Barawa

Winnie is a force. Simple. She is the founder of Washindi Africa; a non-profit that aims to empower the community through education and health programs. Apart from this, she is a nurse, a poet, a cook, a media personality, a speaker and a researcher. And yet I still feel like I have left out a lot. You know what, follow her on Facebook for real time updates and you may learn a thing or two on community development through different initiatives.

Nicy Wangui

Nicy is an ICU nurse for the NHS. She is also an esteemed YouTube personality who gives a fresh perspectives on nursing and lifestyle. Her channel offers a lot of information for rookie nurses in the UK or for nurses who are aspiring to move abroad. Find her on Facebook and YouTube.

Irene Ogongo

Irene is synonymous to Quality Improvement in nursing. Her Organization Nurses in Africa is aimed at empowering, improving and transforming care in different set ups. She is also a seasoned business lady and a nurse mentor. Follow her on LinkedIn for tips on elevating your personal, professional or business brand.

As I come to an end of this post, I cant help but think that there are several other nurses not featured who are doing great work across different platforms. Feel free to share this with me on the comments section.

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Oct 14, 2020

It's good for nurses to raise themselves knowledge-wise. That helps the profession grow


Oct 11, 2020

Great stuff. Love the trajectory its taking.

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