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Step Back

Working in healthcare comes with its fair share of stress. The past few months have not been easy for most of us. COVID comes to the picture in many such conversations. For me, adjusting to working in a first world country has also come with its toll.

How then can you cope with the pressures of work, work life balance and just being your best self.

Step Back

Struggling is part of life. It is very important to identify and accept when you are struggling.

The whole month of May I had some of my worst shifts yet. The kind of shifts that things just go south and it appears as if there is no other direction.

For a while, I kept telling myself that I am strong and I can keep it together (I have listened to too many motivational speakers). Until the day when everything just shut down. I found myself breaking down. Not the pretty one stream of tears breakdown but the ugly messy crying with mucus all over the place.

At this point I realized I had to stay away for sometime. Since then I have learned the value of accepting when we are not okay. It healthy to pause, quieten the noise, dim the lights and put your feet up for a few days.

Self Care

Self care is different for different people. However some of the universal ways of taking care of yourself include Sleep, Exercise and Spiritual well being.

Sleep is magical. I have come to appreciate the value of having a sound 8 hour sleep.

Sleep is important for brain function performance and productivity. I can bet with certainty that you will be in a better mood at work when you get enough sleep. In nursing, a good mood can be the difference between life and death.

Exercising is easier said than done. There is an unexplained satisfaction that comes from sweating. I'm not even going to pretend that I am consistent with exercise but on some days when I feel tense and anxious, a good run has worked wonders.

Spiritual health is as important as physical and mental health. This is what helps you remain calm even in heavy storms. A few minutes of silence everyday is all it takes.

In the job we do, making yourself a priority is the only way of maintaining your sanity. Step back when you feel you need to and indulge in taking care of yourself in how you know best.

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3 comentários

10 de jul. de 2020

I think its time to write that book😊


09 de jul. de 2020

Hello, I will always create time for your mails.... I get hope and energy out of them.. ... Keep it up colleague.


09 de jul. de 2020

Hi Getrude.

This is profound.

Plus I have read all your previous posts and they are richly endowed with wisdom and insight.

Not to forget the tickling nature of some.

Keep on writing.

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