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Finding an Employer

At this point, you have done your exams and passed. The next goal is to find an employer. While you can do this independently online, finding a recruitment agency will easen and fasten the process for you.

The simplest way to find a recruitment agency is through referral from friends or people who have gone through the journey. Alternatively, like for almost all questions in life, Google has an answer. Taking this route, however, demands more time and patience as you have to sort and sieve through the chaff for yourself.

Four things to have in mind while you are finding an employer with or without an agency:

1. No Process is Same

Although you will be referred to an agency by someone who has gone through their hands, don't expect the process to be same. As COVID 19 has taught us, normal can change within the blink of an eye.

That aside, several dynamics are in play when hospitals are recruiting. Therefore, your interview may take longer than expected or you may be needed to provide more documents. Having this in mind, don't rush your process. Be patient, because in the end, the process is a good as the product.

2. Different Agencies Different Hospitals/Regions

Different agencies recruit for different hospitals and different regions. As such, when you start engaging with one, be sure to confirm that it is an area you'd want to live in. For instance, if you want to be in London, HCL Workforce would be a good consideration.

This is important because you will spend the formative years of your stay in the region.

An agency like KenyanNurse recruits for both Wales and England. It is also a good pick because they guide you through the whole journey from the very beginning right until the time you get employed.

3. Don't Buy the First Tomatoes

They say when you go to the market, don't buy the first tomatoes you see. Walk around and maybe you may find healthier ones at better prices. The same goes when finding an employer.

The salaries will be standard but the packages will be different. As an example, some hospitals offer one month free accommodation while others will offer up to three. Other perks may include discounts for different facilities, religious services, psycho-social support and so on. Analyze everything and settle for an employer who best suits your needs.

4. Negotiate your Salary

When seeking employment in the UK or elsewhere,have it mind that they need you as much as you need them. Therefore, negotiate for yourself. Your starting salary is based on the number of years of experience you have. While some agents will automatically factor this in when negotiating your terms, others will not.

Be sure to state this clearly at the start of your engagement. This also means that you should be informed about the salary scales. Do your research then approach the bargaining table armored with facts.

Relating with an Agent

Just like the therapeutic relationship, relating with your agent is a delicate affair. You want an agent who listens to your needs and treats you with respect but professionalism must remain. Professionalism is fundamental because sometimes lines become blurry. Don't get personal unless you will believe it will help you to bargain.

Having said this, I know how impatient one can get when you want to move abroad. Been there. The excitement of it all. The rush to get your first proper source of income. The adventure. You cannot and will not be faulted for buying the first tomatoes. But as mentioned above, the process is as good as the product. Taking your time and weighing options guarantees a more satisfying product.

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Aug 16, 2020

Hellooo, thanks for this am happy for more hopes for daring abroad.

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