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Congratulations on getting your Nursing Registration. Its an exciting journey that is sometimes full of bumps. The good news is, we are here to hold your hand.

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Our Story

Being a nursing student was survival for the fittest. On the one hand you are burdened with academic challenges. On the other, you have unproductive clinical learning with only few sessions of clinical teaching and a lack of mentors. Upon graduation, it becomes worse because you are responsible for your own growth and adjustment with little inspiration and motivation. It is from this struggle that I developed a passion to bridge these gaps through World Class Nurse.

Our Mission

There is this notion in nursing that “the old eat the young”, “seniors eat juniors”. We know that there is a better way for freshly Registered Nurses to transition into thriving careers. One where the rookies are confident enough to sell their skills and to speak up when things are going wrong. One where the rookies are equipped to work in any part of the world they desire. That is why we have created resources and courses to help rookie nurses navigate the early stages of careers with the least amount of stress and a mentorship program to hold their hands as they do so.

Our Services

We help newly Registered Nurses in Africa to become word-class professionals through one-on-one mentorship and to move and settle from one country to the next with the least amount of stress.

Package Pricing

Rookie Nurse Mentorship
Transition Coaching
$200 - $300


Feedback from our current clients

2020 Review: End of Life Care

I know. I know, this is no way to end the year but 2020 has taught me more about death and end of life care than any other year.

Death is such a scary concept.

2020 Review: A Book a Month

One of my resolutions for 2020 was to read a book a month. Yes, I make New Year's Resolutions and like the masses, I almost always forget about them by the end of the first quarter of the year.

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